New Hampshire, Massachussets, Rhode Island Coasts
In traveling these three state's shores, heading south, we cruised the Atlantic from New Hampshire to Massachussets Bay, into the Cape Cade Bay, through the Cape Cod Canal, into Buzzard's Bay, to Narragansett Bay, to Block Island Sound.

Portsmouth, NH – Thur Aug 28 to Mon, Sep 1
"Live free or die", is the state's motto.  We woke early, around 6:00 a.m. in Portland with a plan to sail to Portsmouth, NH.  We  went to work on patching the sail that had ripped the previous day on our sail from Jewell Island to Portland.  It was still a little blustery so it was difficult to patch the sail while the wind was trying to fill it.  We managed to patch it as best we could with some sail tape and were off.

We had the perfect sailing conditions for a 45 mile southwestern course that would take us to Portsmouth.  The winds were out of the northwest filling the sails the entire time moving us along at a pretty good clip of around seven knots.  Fortunately the quick patch job barely survived the sail, but once safely moored at the Portsmouth Yacht Club, with settled winds, we were able to do a better patch job that we knew would hold for some time.  In the mean time, we made arrangements to have the sail repaired in Salem, MA and would take care of it once we arrived in Gloucester a few days later.
Light house at Portsmouth, NH
Smith Cove, Gloucester, MA
Newport, RI
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The town docks in Portsmouth, NH
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Gloucester, MA – Tuesday Sep 2-Saturday Sep 6
We left Portsmouth, NH early Tuesday morning headed for Gloucester.  We had good northeast winds with us making for a wonderful sailing day.  .  We headed south through the Anasquam River through Cape Ann and arrived in Gloucester Harbor mid afternoon.  On our trip north, we went around Cape Ann to get to Portsmouth.  This leg we decided to traverse the Anasquam River on a rising tide.  The locals had previously warned us that the river has shoaled in many places and carries less than 5 feet of water at low tide.  It was a bit hair raising in some spots, but we managed through the “skinny” water and the very narrow draw bridges. 

John and Doddie Butler, our friends for years, were hosting us at their dock in Smith Cove just behind their beautiful home. We made plans to get the sail repaired, and leave by Friday morning heading to the Boston Harbor to take in the historic sites.  We also worked out a visit up to my sisters’ who both live in Hancock, NH. (Tony stayed behind to get some maintenance done on the boat.)  We stayed Wednesday evening and had a nice visit with them.  We returned late Thursday morning and provisioned the boat and prepared to head for the Boston Harbor.
Gloucester, MA Harbor
Smith Cove
The LaPlante family with Monica
The Wisentaner's, Mary Agnes & Jay
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Jamestown, RI – Monday Sep 8
We left Sandwich on a favorable tide and traveled quickly through the Cape Cod Canal, into Buzzard’s Bay.  We had another perfect sailing day with winds out of the northeast.  We arrived in Jamestown, RI late Monday afternoon.  We picked up a mooring at the same yacht club we stayed on our travels north, the Conanicut Yacht Club, just across Narragansett Bay from Newport, RI.

We had made arrangements to have a diver meet us Tuesday morning to check out the propeller.  We were prepared to stay another day if it needed repair or adjusting, fortunately, it checked out fine and we were off around 10:00 a.m. with Stonington, CT as our next port-of-call.
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