The North Carolina Coast
Traveling the Coast of North Carolina, we remained in the Intracoastal Waterway the entire stretch.  Although at times the waterway becomes a bit tedious, it it mostly beautiful and offers much diversity in scenerey

Wilmington, NC  - MM 288 - Tuesday June 3, through Saturday June 7, 2003
We discovered the next morning that the fuel injector pump needed to be rebuilt.  The boat yard needed to send it up to Beaufort, NC to have the work done.  We were looking at Friday before we would be able to get it back and underway.

Pamlico Sound
Intrcoastal Waterway
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Beaufort, NC – MM 204 - Tuesday June 10, 2003
We got an early start from Swansboro, about 7:00 a.m., we planned to leave earlier, but the thick fog kept us on the dock until we could see enough to get us back out to the ICW.  Our destination, Beaufort, NC, again, another short day, but the plan is to leave the boat in Beaufort for one week, while we grab a rental car, drive to Baltimore to catch our flight to Denver, to join Anne’s family for her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary reunion.  Why Baltimore you may ask, well, once again, the best laid plans of sailors…Had everything gone according to schedule, we should have arrived in the Baltimore area on Sunday June 8th or Monday June 9th.  Needless to say, with many delays along the way, we will have a long drive to Baltimore.

The Dismal Swamp
Other Adventures
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Anne Sullivan
Elizabeth City, NC MM 51 - Friday June 20
We sailed through the Albemarle Sound into Elizabeth City, NC. The Albemarle Sound, much like the Pamlico, has a reputation for either great sailing or “wind in your face, waves crashing the bow, not so great sailing”.   Again, we were lucky and had a beautiful sailing day into Elizabeth City.
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Monica Norungolo
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