Connecticut, New York, New Jersey
Heading south through these three states, we had time  to "stop to smell the roses".   We enjoyed our time in Mystic, CT, NYC and Long Island.  We were on the fringes of hurrican Isobel which extended our visit in Long Island, but it was not a disaster, and it could have been much worse for us.

Most sailors consider the New Jersey coast an area to be endured, to pass through it quickly, uneventfully.  Basically, we followed that rule, even more so as we headed south.  We had seen what we wanted to in New Jersey in the summer as we moved north.

Stonington, CT via Fischer Island Sound–Tue Sep 9
We left Jamestown, RI mid morning after the diver gave the propeller a clean “bill of health”.  Another great sailing day from Narragansett Bay to Fischer Island Sound.  We arrived in Stonington around 6:00 p.m. and picked up a mooring at Dodson’s Marina, the only game in town.  We all were craving a big juicy hamburger, so we headed into Stonington’s great little town to satisfy our crave.  After dinner, we strolled back to the marina and took the launch back to the boat.  We had plans to head to Mystic, CT the next day so called it an evening.
Mystic, CT
Ellis Island, NY
Atlantic City, NJ
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Stonington, CT
Anne Sullivan
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Oyster Bay, Long Island via Long Island Sound – Sun Sep 14th through Fri Sep 19th
We left Branford, CT on Sunday morning with a brisk wind out of the northeast.  We had about a 25 mile sail to Oyster Bay, which is across Long Island Sound from Branford.  We made good time with favorable winds and currents.  We arrived in Oyster Bay mid afternoon and picked up a mooring at the Oyster Bay Yacht Club.  The club was small, casual and friendly.
Name: Tony Norungolo
Cell : 727-644-7600
Monica Norungolo
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City Island, NY – Saturday, Sep 20
We left Oyster Bay around noon and made our way for the 20-mile sail to City Island.  Unfortunately, we did not have the wind with us, but rather off the bow, which made for a bumpy ride.  We arrived at the City Island Yacht Club just after 5:00 pm and picked up a mooring.  We were all tired from a hectic week, so decided to have dinner on board and call it an early evening.  Our plan was to leave early Sunday morning and head for NYC.
City Island Yacht Club
In the 18th century, City Island was purchased from the Indians by a group of developers planning to make it a rival to New York for world trade.  The hoped-for trade hub didn’t materialize, but a major yachting center did.  Part of New York City’s Bronx borough, City Island is devoted to boating services.  It is a self contained community (reminded me of a small neighborhood in NYC), and is connected to the mainland by a single bridge.
New York City, NY – Sunday Sep 21
We left City Island early Sunday morning, off the mooring at around 7:00 a.m.  Our goal was to get to NYC before noon to enjoy the day in the city.  We have a perfect sailing day, with beautiful blue skies, fair winds, and a strong current down the East River with us the entire time.  We made good time in the 25 mile trip from City Island to New York City.  Sunday is a good time to travel the East River, New York Harbor, and the Hudson River, as the commercial shipping traffic is at a minimum.
Brooklyn Bridge
Lower Manhattan
South Street Seaport
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Atlantic Highlands, NJ – Monday& Tuesday Sep 22 & 23
We left NYC early on Monday morning and sailed down the Henry Hudson headed for the New Jersey coast.  Through New York Harbor, under the Verazzano Narrows Bridge across Raritan Bay into the Sandy Hook Channel and down the inside coast of New Jersey to Atlantic Highlands, a small enclave just south of Sandy Hook, NJ.
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